FORENSICS: Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Testing GenQuest   offers   testing   sexual   assault   kit   (SAK)   testing   for   law   enforcement   agencies.   With   an experienced    staff,    quality    testing,    and    quick    turn-around    times,    GenQuest    is    committed    to helping    law    enforcement    agencies    reduce    their    backlog.        GenQuest    uses    their    validated    Y- screening   approach   for   testing   female   victim   SAKs   and   has   the   ability   to   customize   testing   and reporting   to   meet   each   individual   clients   need.      GenQuest   has   a   range   of   amplification   kits validated and is ready to help any law enforcement agency with their forensic testing needs. Please contact GenQuest for further inquiries.
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The secret to everything is in your DNA

Genetics · Paternity · Immigration · Forensics
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FORENSICS: Legal DNA Testing GenQuest     offers     unbiased,     independent     forensic DNA   testing   and   consultation   services.   The   ANAB ISO/IEC   17025   accreditation   awarded   to   GenQuest enables   our   laboratory   to   DNA   test   forensic   samples for   criminal   and   investigative   purposes,   and   many local    and    nationwide    law    enforcement    and    legal agencies    have    used    GenQuest    to    perform    forensic DNA   tests.   GenQuest   has   performed   DNA   testing for   sexual   assault   cases,   property   crime   cases,   felon in possession cases, touch DNA cases, and more. Why      choose      GenQuest      for      forensic      testing? GenQuest offers: 1. Rapid Testing  – Unlike most crime labs, who often experience months-long backlogs in their workloads, GenQuest offers a fast turnaround time for our forensic DNA testing, with results usually complete within just a few weeks. 2. Expertise  – Over 20 years of forensic testing experience and thoroughly trained analysts to handle your case. 3. Professional Service – The staff at GenQuest are courteous, thoroughly trained and experienced, and knowledgeable. While    forensic    tests    are    typically    ordered    through legal    firms    or    a    law    enforcement    agency,    forensic DNA   testing   is   also   available   to   the   public   without the   same   stringent   chain   of   custody   required   for   legal forensic    DNA    testing.    See    our    Identification    and Infidelity  page for further details. TYPES OF FORENSIC TESTS GenQuest   works   closely   with   law   enforcement   and legal     agencies     to     ensure     the     testing     process     is conducted   in   accordance   with   the   ANAB   standards whenever     possible.     Tests     offered     by     GenQuest include: Differential Lysis extractions with Promega Differex Autosomal (STR) DNA testing with Promega Powerplex Fusion Amplification Kit Male Lineage (Y-STR) testing with Promega Powerplex Y23 Amplification Kit SAMPLE INFORMATION GenQuest   accepts   many   different   items   as   samples for   forensic   DNA   testing,   however,   there   is   never   a guarantee    that    an    evidentiary    item    will    provide    a usable   profile.   If   you   have   a   potential   sample   and   are not   sure   where   a   profile   might   be   obtained   from   it, please   contact   our   analysts   to   determine   whether   or not   it   could   possibly   yield   a   profile.   Please   visit   our Nonstandard   Samples    page   or   more   information   on evidentiary items. PRICES AND PAYMENT Due    to    the    customized    test    process    of    each    case, testing   prices   can   vary   widely.   For   information   about costs   and   payment   or   to   discuss   your   situation   and obtain a quote, please contact GenQuest. For   further   information   about   forensic   DNA   testing, please   contact   GenQuest   to   discuss   your   situation with an analyst.