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Paternity and Relationship DNA Testing

There are several Paternity and Family Relationship Tests offered by GenQuest DNA Lab.And each test can be conducted to satisfy Personal Knowledge DNA Testing and Court Admissible DNA Testing.

Whether for Personal Knowledge or Court Admissible purposes, all GenQuest DNA Tests are conducted within the guidelines and standards for Relationship Testing as set by the AABB accrediting body.It should be noted that Personal Knowledge DNA Tests allow for sampling procedures that can be performed at home, while Court Admissible DNA Tests must follow a strict collection protocol.
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Paternity and Relationship DNA Tests Offered by GenQuest

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This DNA Test compares a child to an alleged father or mother.
Typically, only the child and potential parent are tested to return a conclusive DNA result.
In rare cases, the other parent may need to be tested due to DNA gene mutation that could deliver results of the calculated relationship likelihood below GenQuest’s conclusive threshold.
It is also possible to conduct DNA Paternity Testing on an unborn child.
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Grandpaternity DNA Testing is conducted when a potential parent is unavailable, but the potential parent’s family can establish a biological relationship through DNA testing of one or both grandparents.
Testing of both grandparents on the potential parent’s side, along with the child, is preferable for a conclusive DNA result.
However, if only one grandparent is available for testing, we strongly recommend that the known parent of the child be tested as well, since a Grandpaternity DNA Test to a single potential grandparent without the known parent can return inconclusive results.
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This type of DNA Relationship Test can determine if potential brothers and sisters share one or both parents. There are two types of Siblingship Tests conducted by GenQuest:
Full Siblingship – Participants share both parents
Half Siblingship – Participants share a single parent

Because Siblingship DNA Tests, and especially Half Siblingship Tests, can yield inconclusive results, GenQuest encourages that at least one parent be tested as well in order to determine a more conclusive relationship probability between two siblings.

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Avuncular DNA Tests are conducted between a child and a potential parent’s aunt or uncle.
Due to the genetic separation in this type of relationship, GenQuest strongly recommends that the child’s known parent be included in an Avuncular DNA Test.
However, if the potential relationship candidates are male, and possibly related along the same male lineage, participants may benefit from Y-STR Lineage Testing.
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